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All of my courses are designed to take you from overwhelmed to confident. There is so much information available online. I focus on what's really important so that you can focus on your family.

Starting Solids Made EasyThis course is perfect for you if you have been feeling overwhelmed or confused by the amount of conflicting information available. I walk you through everything so that you go from being frustrated and scared to being empowered and confident. We’ll review everything from how to tell if your child is ready to start to how to serve foods safely. As a bonus, you’ll get some sample recipes to get you started!

Family Meals Made Easy: This course if perfect for you if mealtimes are a battle. Do you find yourself ending every meal stressed out? Have you begged your child to try a food or ended up making them their favorite food just so that they’ll eat something? Or are you just trying to stay ahead of the game and want to set up a positive eating environment from the beginning? We review the basic principles of the Division of Responsibility, tips for exposing your child to new foods, ways to deal with common mealtime battles, getting everyone on board, and more. 

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